The Juris Mission

Make the world more fair.

Our Purpose

We are here to contribute to the happiness, health, and wellbeing of every member of the Juris team, Juris community, and all impacted by our technology. This is why we exist, this is why we have a mission.

We are committed to the following rules of our mission:

  • Put people first.
    • Our priority ladder: 1. people > 2. professionals > 3. companies.
    • We focus on people first because people are the ones impacted by the gaps in access to justice, representation, and legal help.
    • Every problem and every dispute starts with people and the facts of their cases, the needs of professionals and the needs of companies are, in turn, people problems.
  • Level the playing field. (Make the world more fair.)
    • The core of access to justice is fair access. Juris builds tools that are accessible to the maximum possible number of people, and Juris software is designed to the core to be verifiably fair and explainable on all levels.
    • If people do not know their rights, or how to enforce them, those rights are useless. Fairness of knowledge matters as well. Juris is committed to tools that are both functional and educational, to empower users to understand their situation and take action.
  • Imbue Juris products with empathy and humanity.
    • No one is excited to be in a dispute of any kind, or excited to need legal help. This is our foundational context for design. The best we can do is make enforcing your rights, and resolving a dispute, suck less. We do this by proceeding through every step with empathy.
    • This means building software that is maximally easy to understand, and is maximally understanding of its human users.
  • Reflect accessibility in pricing as well as design.
    • Juris believes that the greatest contributor to a lack of legal health, and access to justice, is cost. Building a fair system means building a system that the maximum number of people are able to afford. For this reason, Juris is committed to needs-based pricing.
  • Succeed at the expense of nobody (including the planet. h/t @peakdesign)
    • Juris is a “hundred year project.” This means a focus on sustainability over growth. Its soul must be built to outlast the founder.
    • Juris maintains a commitment to ethical sourcing, ethical pricing, and sustainable development.
    • 100% offset of our carbon footprint will always be included in the pricing.

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